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Tikkum Olam, Brazilian Style

Staff Writer

Last Wednesday night, when much of the Jewish community was still bolting bagels and lox to break the Yom Kippur fast, about 50 Jews were taking in the art and music of Umbanda, an eclectic religion unique to Brazil, at a downtown gallery.

“We tried to provide a creative post-Yom Kippur experience,” said Alex Minkin, 39, a creator of Ticun Brasil, the group that hosted the party. He works by day as a consultant.

Yiddishkeit and Brazilian culture come together at Ticun Brasil event. Photos by Rocío Pichon Rivière

Seeking Teen Activists

Editorial Intern

At age 13, Zak Kukoff of Thousand Oaks, Calif., would watch his autistic younger cousin sit alone on the playground. “It’s not that students didn’t want to be her friend — they just didn’t know how,” he said. “It hurt me to see.”

Diller Teen Award-winner Daniel Rosenthal of Santa Rosa, Calif., takes his magic shows to hospitals and schools.

Israeli Films, Now Streaming

Special To The Jewish Week

Looking for a little Israeli culture but don’t want to leave your house? Well, how about streaming an award-winning Israeli movie with your choice of snack: popcorn or bamba (Israel’s snack of choice, peanut-butter puffed goodness). Make it the ultimate movie night with one of the Israeli classics like “Sallah Shabati” or even a film in movie theaters right now.

A scene from “Aviva, My Love,” an Israeli film available on new JCC in Manhattan streaming website.

Holocaust Railroad Case To Proceed

Staff Writer

For the first time, the U.S. Court of Appeals has found that a case may be brought against a foreign national railroad in a Holocaust-related case that seeks billions of dollars.

Late last month, the court in Chicago refused to dismiss a suit against the Hungarian State Railroads (also known as the MAV) brought by Hungarian victims of the Holocaust who claimed the railroad must compensate them for the property it took from them in violation of international law.

A lawsuit against Hungary’s wartime railroad may be brought, according to a U.S. Court of Appeals.

Training Rabbis For The Future

Editor and Publisher

‘A 21st century rabbi is uniquely suited to...”

Four rabbinic scholars and practitioners were asked to fill in the blank at a Jewish Week-sponsored forum last Wednesday evening as part of a panel discussion on the role of rabbis today.

Erin Leib Smokler, left, Rabbi David Ellenson, Rabbi Hayim Herring, Rabbi Joy Levitt and Rabbi Joshua Davidson at recent forum.

Crown Heights For The Pluralistic Jew

Staff Writer

Move over 770 — there’s a new kid on the block.

Taking advantage of demographic changes in heavily Orthodox Crown Heights, Repair the World, a national Jewish service nonprofit focused on food justice and education, announced last week that it is opening a new community center in the neighborhood to serve as a hub for volunteering and community outreach. Nine fulltime fellows, all recent college graduates, will live at the new Nostrand Avenue location and direct programming.

Repair the World’s storefront on Nostrand Avenue will host educational programming and Shabbats. Courtesy of Repair the World

Maimonides’ God In The Age Of Pew

Editor and Publisher

Is God a Threat to Religion?”

It sounds like a question that could have come out of the newly released Pew Research Center survey of “America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” which found a fast-growing number of Americans who are atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular.”

Author Michah Goodman at Jewish Week event. Michael Datikash/JW

Jews And Rock: Taking It On The Road


Like Bob Dylan’s “Duquesne Whistle” train (“I’m gonna stop in Carbondale, and keep on going”), Michael Dorf has an idea for a museum that banks on rock and roll’s penchant for the open road (or track).

From here to Hibbing: Bob Dylan’s journey will be part of new traveling exhibition.

Orthodox Israel Trips Keeping Young Jews Engaged

Staff Writer

Forget Jew vs. Jew. How about Jew-influencing-Jew?

That’s part of what’s at play in a new study by leading Jewish demographer Steven M. Cohen that looks at the influence of an Orthodox-led Israel trip on non-Orthodox teens.

Teens on an OU-sponsored trip.  Courtesy of OU

New Kosher Cuisine, New Website

Web Director

Helen Nash has come a long way.

From Siberia to the Upper East Side, from fussy French to frittatas and, most recently, from books to the Web.

Helen Nash just launched “I’m concerned about ease” in the kitchen. Courtesy of Helen Nash
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