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Tikkum Olam, Brazilian Style

Staff Writer

Last Wednesday night, when much of the Jewish community was still bolting bagels and lox to break the Yom Kippur fast, about 50 Jews were taking in the art and music of Umbanda, an eclectic religion unique to Brazil, at a downtown gallery.

“We tried to provide a creative post-Yom Kippur experience,” said Alex Minkin, 39, a creator of Ticun Brasil, the group that hosted the party. He works by day as a consultant.

Yiddishkeit and Brazilian culture come together at Ticun Brasil event. Photos by Rocío Pichon Rivière

Seeking Teen Activists

Editorial Intern

At age 13, Zak Kukoff of Thousand Oaks, Calif., would watch his autistic younger cousin sit alone on the playground. “It’s not that students didn’t want to be her friend — they just didn’t know how,” he said. “It hurt me to see.”

Diller Teen Award-winner Daniel Rosenthal of Santa Rosa, Calif., takes his magic shows to hospitals and schools.

Israeli Films, Now Streaming

Special To The Jewish Week

Looking for a little Israeli culture but don’t want to leave your house? Well, how about streaming an award-winning Israeli movie with your choice of snack: popcorn or bamba (Israel’s snack of choice, peanut-butter puffed goodness). Make it the ultimate movie night with one of the Israeli classics like “Sallah Shabati” or even a film in movie theaters right now.

A scene from “Aviva, My Love,” an Israeli film available on new JCC in Manhattan streaming website.

Holocaust Railroad Case To Proceed

Staff Writer

For the first time, the U.S. Court of Appeals has found that a case may be brought against a foreign national railroad in a Holocaust-related case that seeks billions of dollars.

Late last month, the court in Chicago refused to dismiss a suit against the Hungarian State Railroads (also known as the MAV) brought by Hungarian victims of the Holocaust who claimed the railroad must compensate them for the property it took from them in violation of international law.

A lawsuit against Hungary’s wartime railroad may be brought, according to a U.S. Court of Appeals.

Michael Douglas Salutes Son, Dad At Genesis Award


Actor Michael Douglas credited his son and celebrity father for helping him reconnect to Judaism as he accepted the Genesis Prize, “the Jewish Nobel,” in Jerusalem.

Michael Douglas accepts the Genesis Prize in Jerusalem. JTA

Honeymoon Israel Launches In NYC

Staff Writer

Growing up as a Southern Baptist in the Deep South, Mary Davis never dreamed she’s spend her honeymoon in Israel, let alone as a Jew.

Spirits Run High At Whiskey Jewbilee


Matthew Spinozi might be somewhat of a spectacle on the corner of 31st and 10th. The contrast of his shoulder-length, chestnut curls against his pressed white linen suit and leather loafers, stands out against the clean-cut commuters gathered just a few blocks away at the bustling Penn Station.

Guests at the fourth annual Whisky Jewbilee sample an array of brands and brews. Via

Three Youth Orgs Form Hiring Collective


In business, there’s a “war for talent,” but in the Jewish communal world, some organizations are feeling the love — they’re working together to hire and nurture the best employees.

Hillel professionals gather at Washington University in St. Louis for their annual conference. Hillel International

Where Mincha Goes Ecstatic

Culture Editor

Come Saturday, one of the longest Shabbat afternoons of the year, Rabbi Jessica Minnen is hosting what may be the city’s first Ecstatic Mincha, an opportunity to pray with your entire body.

Praying with your entire body: Rabbi Jessica Minnen’s Ecstatic Mincha.  Courtesy of Jessica Minnen

A Scholarship That Keeps On Giving

Editor and Publisher

Dr. Sarit Buzaglo’s career trajectory from high school dropout to computer science postdoc is an Israeli success story she attributes directly to ISEF, the foundation dedicated to giving disadvantaged Israeli youth an opportunity to succeed.

ISEF president Nina Weiner and International Fellow Sarit Buzaglo. Courtesy of ISEF Foundation
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