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05/13/2015 | | Letters

I am afraid I take a rather less charitable view than Abraham Foxman (“Humanitarian Concerns And Israeli Policies,” Opinion, May 8).

I think
the Israelis broadcast their aid to undeveloped nations during catastrophes
as a means of winning friends and seeking to compensate for the bad press
they get for their treatment of their own Arab population, not to mention the
ones under their military occupation. And I agree with Gideon Levy when he
writes in Haaretz that their aid would be better directed toward Gaza, where
they can do much more to end the blockade and facilitate rebuilding among a
population that has suffered as much as the Nepalese — but from Israeli bombs
rather than an earthquake. 

05/06/2015 | | Letters

Gary Rosenblatt writes that in his morning prayers he
cannot bring himself to say the traditional blessing recited by men thanking
God for “not making me a woman.” (“A Woman’s Plight, A Community’s Shame,” Editor’s column, April 24.)

05/06/2015 | | Letters

Coalition governments in Israel do not reflect voices of people (“United Government Re-emerging As Pragmatic Option,” April 10).

05/06/2015 | | Letters

 I am Rabbi Elisha Weiss, rabbi of Marine Park Jewish Center (Merkaz Yisrael of Marine Park). Amy Clark wrote an article about my community without contacting our synagogue, the largest in the area, with 120 families (“Orthodox Influx Remaking Marine Park,” May 1).

05/06/2015 | | Letters

While enjoying your article, “Orthodox Influx Remaking Marine Park” (May 1), 
I found a glaring omission.

04/29/2015 | | Letters

Rabbi Wolpe’s column, “Learning And Legacy” (April 24), is brilliant, a torpedo against critics of the Torah. Yes, as he says, knowledge and life are key.