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  • Reply to: Howard Stern's Daughter Discloses Religious Identity   16 hours 7 min ago

    Actually Stern says on his show that he was generally against raising his children religious (even reform) because of the way he felt the religion was imposed on himself. He has said several times in recent years about the fact that his ex-wife Alison was primary responsible for his households judaism and that was likely the reason that Emily is so religious.

  • Reply to: Oren's Factual Deficit   16 hours 27 min ago

    Since when has Bloomfield been a non-political journalist? Since never. He's a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Oren's account of his experience with Obama rings true. If Obama has been the great friend of Israel that he claims, time and facts will bear that out.

  • Reply to: Chasidic Duo Touts Kosher Product In Pitch For Pot Permit   3 days 14 hours ago

    Iran is well on its long path to acquire the nuclear bomb, Jews in Europe are scared for their lives, students on American campuses are intimidated by pro-Palestinian students and faculty and the BDS movement is causing merchants to empty their shelves of Israeli products, but, as long as we have glatt kosher pot everything will be okay.

  • Reply to: NYC Metzitzah Policy Is ‘Insufficient’   3 days 17 hours ago

    As one of the authors of this piece, I'd like to assure Alan Levin that our intent is not to interfere with religious requirements in any way, but to save lives by modifying a minhag that has no halachic basis. For a Jewish male child, a bris is the essential entrance into the covenant of Hashem. I agree that working with the rebbes is ideal, and hopefully they will be open to the discussion. The Torah's multiple commandments were all given "So that you shall live by them", not as Rashi explains, die because of them. We allow a severely ill person to eat on Yom Kippur. We violate all of the laws of Shabbos to minister to a sick person. Certainly, we would obviate a custom, as metzitzah b'peh is merely a custom, to save an infant. I appreciate that it is sometimes harder to change a minhag than a law. But this is not interfering with Jewish law or bonifide custom as the Talmud says you should suction the wound. The purpose of that dictate is to minimize harm to the baby and presumably was coopted from Galen's view that "In every recent wound…it is expedient to cause blood to flow from it abundantly, for thus will the wound and the adjacent parts be less attacked with inflammation" Any method of suction is thus appropriate as long as it doesn't cause harm. Metzitzah b'peh clearly violates the intent of the Talmudic dictum as it can cause harm.

    Seventeen infants have been infected over the past few years and two have died. This is 100% preventable. Why should even one more family suffer.

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    The rabbis of the Talmud were astute enough to realize that if prior births (in the same nuclear family) resulted in the death of the newborn by hemorrhage after circumcision, that subsequent boys in the family must not be circumcised. Hemophilia is very rare, but it's presence (though not understood at the time) was enough to mandate non-performance of this important mitzvah. We understand, fully, the dangers of DOS. We need rabbis with the courage to forbid it.