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    Dont understand it at all, if the parents dont like the school just go to another one, go to a seculer school or to public school, this moster is a OTD guy & just trying to heart jees but it will not help him

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    Kudos to Jaffed for fighting for education. This is the real antipoverty program the community needs.

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    So the total price of American lawmakers 20 million.So cheap.AIPAC is so lucky.They can't buy law makers of even Burundi for this price

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    Read Alan levin comment; I couldn't have said it better.....

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    Some comments: 1) The quote that you cherry-picked from Monica Crowley was particularly bombastic. In my opinion it was not representative of the overall tone of almost all of the speakers. That being said, people tend to expect for speeches at rallies to be lively stemwinders, not placid, bland and monotonous, especially since the rally lasted for a full three hours. As far as the rally being "partisan," only a few of the rally's many many speakers fit that bill. My second comment: "The crowd of appearance, largely Orthodox..." I was there and there were very few Orthodox people near me. There's a lot of photos of the event posted on the internet, and the crowd does not look "largely Orthodox." Maybe you were standing or walking in an area that was "largely Orthodox." I'm sorry to see that you were so "disappointed" by the rally. Perhaps if some of the large Jewish organizations had decided to step up to the plate, they would have organized a rally that would have been more to your liking. However, they did not step up, and an ad hoc group of mostly small and little known organizations did their best to fill the cavernous void. Considering how limited their resources were, I think they did a pretty good job throwing this thing together.