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    This place is infested with prostitutes and street workers. There are heaps of seedy nightclubs, which pop out of no where at night. it's a hole of a place, only saved by a decent bay-beach.

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    No, the sages are not "Whitmanesque"- they are NOT homosexual.

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    You-we, ALL of us need Orthodox Judaism now -all of us-because everything else pales into insignificance.

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    Dear Sharon,
    Are religious institutions that receive public funding also exempt from ADA?

    I want you to know that your comments regarding the 25th anniversary of ADA uplifted and inspired me! Best regards from southern Florida, where I now teach occupational therapy at Keiser University. We just opened a Master's level Bridge Program for occupational therapy assistants who are returning to school to become OTRs.
    I hope to be in touch with you and Yad HaChazakah again soon.
    Your friend and colleague,
    Dr. Robin F. Katz, OTD, LMSW, MA, OTR/L

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    'Republicans are marching in lockstep opposition, most having declared their vehement opposition long before they even knew what was in the agreement much less saw the actual documents. That's a clear a sign that they are putting politics above all else and are dominated more by their animosity toward Barack Obama than by any other factor.'
    It is psychologically and historically true that when people make disparaging remarks against others (like the Republicans), more often than not, the accusers are the ones guilty of the alleged sin.
    I have never in my life heard more group-think in the public discourse than the Democrats have been serving up for the past 6 1/2 years. Virtually every day, someone is accused of racism, sexism, or anti-gayism. This is not smart debate, this is not social progress, nor is it evolved consciousness. This the frightening, brain-dead conversation foreseen in the classic novel, 'Brave New World'. I would love to hear about real issues from Democrats and the policies they will employ to fix problems.
    No one wants a war with Iran. If this is the good deal that Obama and Kerry say it is, Congress will vote for it. The polls will show the American people in favor of it. It is that simple.